HAHA Google Vs Edge Browsers!

I always laugh when thinking of this clip when I install the better Chrome, and get rid of Edge as the default Browser!

Internet Explorer Vs Google Chrome

"We going incognito, bro?" 😂Viva La Dirt League

Posted by UNILAD Tech on Thursday, 15 March 2018

Large Update for Windows 10

If you have noted Windows updates that are slow to download and install, then don’t be surprised! One update is over 3 Gb in size. Many unhappy customers who are on a data plan, and it seems to go nowhere!

If the update fails, it starts again, and many computers end up having major issues related to updates that have gone bad!

If you are on a data plan, make sure you tell Windows it is a metered connection, and updates will only happen when you are on a connection such as wifi.

Also, after the big update, Windows will ask you to confirm your Privacy settings. Do not choose ‘Express” settings, always use the ‘customise’ option, if needed. I usually turn off all the options presented, except for ‘location’ which may be handy. All the others are not wanted, just read them!