Variation to the phone scammers

If you get a webpage on your screen with a message and a phone number you must call, as your computer has major problems:

DO NOT CALL. just shut your computer off, and restart, do not believe what you read!!

Sometimes a popup with warnings is undetected by a antivirus program, and causes no bad effect.

Phone Scammers doing the rounds AGAIN!

We have continually warned you about phone scammers.

Well they are still calling hundreds of people, with the same twist – they say they are from Microsoft, or even Spark, and tell you your computer has been hacked.

Don’t be fooled, get rid of them and definitely DO NOT let them control your computer, or you will be out of pocket, and might have your computer compromised or even disabled!

We see people coming in who have been scammed, and they all say they should have known better. and felt it was wrong. Don’t get sucked in 🙂