Our Website upgrade

We have updated our website to make it cleaner, more user friendly, and mobile device friendly. We hope you like the new look, and new features.

It’s not really about us, we always aimed to provide an easy to use starting page for our customers, and make it liked and useful 🙂

www.kauricomputer.co.nz the best homepage for all!

The emails can be accessed by the green email icon on the left hand side.

You can change the appearance of the internet links by clicking on the ‘classic’ button on the right hand side.

There is also instructions on how to make our site your ‘homepage’ at the top left of the page.

Try the Google Map button on the RHS.  Also the Weather button. With Location sharing ON in Google Chrome, it will give you the closest Weather Station!

When viewed on a mobile device, the layout is completely different, the common links are as buttons, and if you want more, click the more button at the bottom, and get all the banks, News and much more!

You can contact us via the contact at the bottom!

If you prefer our old site, there is a green link below the google search. To make the old site your homepage, follow the ‘homepage’ instructions, and add /classic/ after www.kauricomputer.co.nz in your homepage setting.

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