Microsoft released 10S

Microsoft launched its latest version of Windows 10, Windows 10 S. It’s designed for education and to take on Chromebooks and Chrome OS. Just like Google’s own OS, Windows 10 S is fairly locked down in places and you’ll only be able to run apps from the Windows Store.

It is faster and will give more battery life, but say goodbye to being able to install all your favourite programs, you will have to go the the Microsoft Store to get ‘Apps” for it. The Microsoft Store has been lacking in quality apps, and they hope software makers will get on-board, so we will see.

Microsoft will support alternative browsers in the Windows Store, but Windows 10 S users won’t be able to alter their default browser. That means if you click on a link from an app in Windows 10 S then you’ll be forced into Microsoft’s Edge browser. That’s similar to Google’s Chrome OS, which only lets you use Chrome as the browser.

Microsoft is also locking down Microsoft Edge to only work with its Bing search engine in Windows 10 S. That means you won’t be able to switch to Google search to easily type in queries in the address bar or elsewhere, and you’ll have to access the search service through

Fortunately, if you need desktop apps that aren’t in the Windows Store then Microsoft has a quick fix for Windows 10 S. For $49 you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro and get access to desktop apps.

If you are like me and want the flexibility to customise your computer the way you like it, and have the programs installed that you know and like, this another reason to hang on to Windows 7!

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